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Related post: Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2010 01:34:44 -0400 (EDT) From: J.P.G. Subject: Regrets and Heartaches: Chapter 4{Regrets and Heartaches is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are a underage, (according to your state laws as a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.This story cannot be distributed in anyway, shape or form without my expressed consent. I will like to give a shout out to a reader that has helped me with ideas where the story is, thank you!}Written by J.P.G. Chapter 4Joey really didn't get much sleep through the night. Due to that, he was the first one up, waiting for the rest to wake up. He took advantage of the quietness in the house to look up companies to get quotes to change all the locks in his house. At the same time he looked up furniture stores in order to buy new furniture.He came to a conclusion as he got out of bed that he isn't going to pursue any legal remedies against his mother. He has the police report, and he will never trust her again. Plus he never liked the furniture anyways, and this gives him a good excuse to buy new furniture that he likes.Just as he closed the phone book. Caleb's mother walked into the living room. As she looked at Joey she couldn't help but feel bad for him. He hasn't even graduated from high school, and now he has to be the parent to his little sister. No one deserves to grow up faster than they should. Every young kid should enjoy their teenage years."Joey you do know that you are more than welcome to stay here as long as you need to. It's going to cost you quite a bit of money to replace everything that was taken. I really don't think the police will get your stuff back.""I figured the same thing about the police. And thank you for allowing us to stay here as long as we have to. I already looked up some places to go to get new furniture and a couple locksmiths to change the locks at the house. We should be back in the house hopefully tonight.""I know this is none of my business, but I need to ask. Where do you plan to get the money to buy new furniture and change her locks? You've barely gotten your first paycheck, and that's way too small to buy what you need.""You are right as far as the paycheck is concerned. I have a little bit of money saved up. I didn't want to touch the money I'd left El Paso with. Now I have no other choice than to do that. We need furniture, clothes, and new locks petit teen porn on the doors.""Still all that is going to cost you quite a bit of money. You are looking at the least around five or six thousand dollars. That is cutting it at the bare minimum of what you need. I know all you guys save your money, but do you have that much money saved up?""Ma'am, I consider myself lucky. Not for what has happened recently, but what has happened in my past. Up until now. I have had someone always looking after me in teen couples having sex the name of Jacob Hernandez.I met Jacob, my freshman year in high school and he became my first boyfriend. We went through a lot together and stood every test that was thrown at us. At least until my mother and uncle threw down the gauntlet with me.My sophomore year I lost my aunt and uncle. They left me quite a bit hot teen porn star of money and a life insurance. Then Jacob's grandfather took my money and invested it very well. Before I left El Paso, Jacob's grandfather quadrupled what I had.I don't have as much money as Jacob does, but I'm a little over ten million. That is even after I bought the house we live in now. I don't plan to ever let my savings drop below ten because I don't know what will be thrown at in the future."Caleb's mom just sat there stunned on what she just heard from Joey. She had no idea that Joey had that amount of money in the bank. May be a couple thousand, but not in the double digits millions.One thing she knows for sure now is if her son and Joey get together, her son will always be taken care of. Although she plans to send her son harajuku teen porn to college, where he can have an education and not depend on others to support him, still, it is good to know what she knows now about Joey."Have you told my son about the amount of money you have?""No ma'am, it has never come up in conversation. Plus I do not tell people that I have millions of dollars. Not even my sister or mother knows the amount of money porn teen casting counch that I have in the bank right now. I believe the illeagal teen porn only one that knows is Jacob and his grandfather.""Good, please keep it that way. I know my son, and I know he will not date you because of your money. I just want him to continue doing what he is doing right now. He is getting straight A's in school, alongside of his football. One way or another he is lesbian teens muff diving going to go to college to get a degree for the future."Joey has no problem with Caleb's mother's request. She took the lists from Joey's hands and told him where to go as far as getting the best price on furniture. As far as locks for his house, she has no idea where to direct him to go to get the best price. One thing they both agreed on is besides getting new locks, he's going to have to get an alarm system.Just then, Caleb walked pink teen porn in, half asleep, scratching his head. "What are you guys doing up so early and talking about? I hope that my mom isn't showing you or telling you about me as a baby. She sex teen gallery loves doing that with all my friends."Joey couldn't help but laugh as Caleb tripped on the coffee table. He is barely awake, making his way to the extreme teen porn clips chair. Also, the first thing that came to Caleb's mind is teen lesbos sex porn that his mother is showing his baby pictures to him. Now Joey wants to see these pictures that Caleb doesn't want to be shown.Caleb's mother got up from the couch and moved over to the chair. Forcing her son to sit on the couch with Joey. Although they wanted to kiss each other, they did not do it because of Caleb's mother sitting in the room.They talked a little while before Fran walked in. Caleb got up from the couch and made room for Fran to sit down. He still feels that Fran doesn't like him much and he wants to get on her good side. It is very clear how much love Joey has for her.After talking a little bit longer, Helen got up to start breakfast. At the same time, Caleb got up and pulled Joey up at the same time. They headed to his room to wash up and get ready for breakfast.As soon as Caleb and Joey finish getting ready, Helen put breakfast on the table. The boys quickly ate due to their time restraints. Both of them have to work today, and at the same time. Joey has to buy new furniture and get the locks changed.As Joey got up to the table, Helen spoke up. "If you want I can call locksmiths to get the best price for you. Then I can meet them at your house and get the locks changed. That way you guys are not in such a hurry to get a lot done in such a short period of time.""That is nice of you and it would help me out a lot. If you can at the same time see how much alarm systems will cost to put the house. Normally locksmiths do that at the same time, or can direct us to a good company."Joey walked over to Helen to give her his house keys. He also wrote down what he wants to spend on changing the locks and an alarm system. She understood what the paper meant when she looked at.Joey, Fran and Caleb walked out of the house to the truck. Fran jumped into the back seat and left Caleb to sit up from with her brother. Joey got in and got directions from Caleb on how to get to the furniture store.The moment they walked into the store and a sales person greeted them. They told the salesperson that they're just here to look, but he continued to follow them.Almost immediately, Fran fell in love with a bedroom set for her room. She kept asking Joey to buy her the bedroom set. He looked down at the price tag and waived over the salesperson that refused to leave them alone."Let me ask you a question I want you to be honest with me. I plan to buy an entire house worth of furniture. If I buy all the furniture here, free lesbien teen porn would you guys give me even a better deal than what is marked on the price tags?""I am pretty sure I can but let me go and speak with my manager. I want your business, but at the same time I don't want to start off lying to you. So let me go to my manager, and I will be right back with an answer."The salesman left Joey with Caleb and his sister to speak with his manager. He took advantage of the time to explain to his sister that he only has a certain amount of money to buy all of furniture. So if they're not willing to make 3pic teen porn a deal. They will be going somewhere else to buy new furniture.At first Fran got upset and refused to get off the bed. Joey grabbed Caleb and started walking away looking at other furniture. That is when she realized what her brother was telling her and settled down. She got off the bed and caught up to her brother.They continued walking around the store looking at different rooms. This furniture store is set up like a house. As you move from one room to another. There is different furniture for different parts the house.As they walked into the kitchen part of the furniture store. The salesman that greeted them when they first walked in showed up. He actually looked out of breath as he called out to Joey, Caleb and his sister."I spoke with my store manager and he told me that he can give you even a better price on the furniture. That is if you buy all your furniture here. For example, on that bedroom set that this young lady likes. I can knock off an additional three hundred dollars."Joey thought about it and did a rough figure in his head. The bedroom set that Fran likes cost fourteen lesbian latin teen porn hundred dollars. The store manager is going to knockoff three hundred of that which gives him an average of a thousand dollars per room. He can afford to buy the furniture here at those prices."You have yourself a deal if he can continue giving me good prices like that on all the furniture. I need to have this furniture bought and delivered today. Will you be able to do that as well?""I looked at our delivery schedule and at the earliest I can have the furniture delivered to you will be tomorrow. I can have the entire day blocked off for just your delivery and setup. It's going to take pretty much all day to deliver and set up an entire house."Joey thought about it and agreed on the delivery for tomorrow. They continue walking around the store picking out furniture for each room. By the time they finish getting all the furniture, Joey came under budget after the discount he set for himself.After all the handshakes and receipts were given, Joey, Fran and Caleb jumped in the truck and rushed over to Caleb's house. When they arrived Caleb found a note from his mother saying that she is at Joey's house waiting for locksmith.They jumped back into the truck and rushed over to Joey's house now. As they walked in, they found the locksmiths under teen porn already at work changing out the locks. They quickly explained everything to Caleb's mother on what is going on before rushing to work. As the boys left, Helen agreed to take care of Fran.The boys barely made it to work on time. Just as they walked in the morning shift looked like they are getting antsy. Caleb and Joey quickly relieved them uncensored hardcore teen porn to go home right as the midmorning rush started.Finally the morning rush trickled down and the boys are able to catch their breath. They took teen model pussy turns to take care of the porn teen hispanic girl remaining customers as they walked up to the counter to check out their videos. As Joey walked to his cash register to help out a customer, he didn't notice his mother and uncle walking in.After finishing up with the customer Joey looked up to see his mother and uncle standing there in front of him. As he looked over at Caleb he found him busy with a line of his own. He looked back at his mother and waited for her to speak first."Why would you call the police on me Joey? Everything in that house, as far as furniture is concerned, his mine and you know it. So you better call the police and tell them that you were mistaken about the report you filed."Joey locked up his register and waved his mother and uncle to the side of the counter. He gathered his thoughts before speaking. He doesn't want to say something out of anger that he cannot take back."If you feel so strongly about what you just said, why did you need to sneak into my home while I was out of town? Fine, the furniture was bought for you, but that didn't give you the right to go into the house. You not only took the furniture. You also took all of my clothes and Fran's and even the dishes and food. What kind of person have you become since you and my dad's brother got together?""You better give me and your uncle respect and I'm not going to tell you that again. I have all the right to go into that house when ever I want to. I don't need your permission to do anything is that understood.""I'm not arguing with you at my job. You got your furniture, and now you have no reason to be in the house. Don't even try to use your keys because I have changed all the locks. Plus I have put in an alarm system to ensure that you guys don't enter into the house.If you do not return, my personal items and clothes, as well as Fran's, untouched, I will continue pursuing charges against you. You keep the furniture and everything that was in the house in El Paso. But everything that is mine and Fran's must be returned.If you and this guy ever come near me, Fran or the house again, I will have you locked up without a second thought. Do not try to test me on this! If you do, I promise you that you will regret making that decision."As Joey walked away from his mother and uncle, they started yelling and making a scene. They got so out of hand. The store security had to forcefully remove them from the premises. They were warned by the store security, to never again enter into the store. If they do, they will be arrested for trespassing.After work, Joey and Caleb headed back to Caleb's house. On the way home is the first time Joey in Caleb could talk with each other in private. In return, Joey took advantage and explained everything to Caleb on what had happened between him and his mother. Caleb just sat there listening and thanked his lucky stars that he has a mother and father that would never put him in this position.The next day, everyone jumped into the truck and headed over to Joey's house to receive the furniture. As they arrived they found a whole bunch of bags and a few boxes hot young teen sex tossed on the front yard filled with their teen models non nude clothes and other personal items.They got down and immediately started bringing the stuff back into the house. The one thing Joey found kind of funny is that his mother and uncle did not take the appliances such as the washer and dryer. He knows that he should be thankful for that. Appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators and stoves are very rape teen porn expensive.Just as they pulled in the last of the bags several moving trucks from the furniture store pulled up. Joey met the movers outside to explain what would be easier to move in first. He felt it best to move in the furniture from the back rooms to the front. The delivery asian escorts teen pussy personnel agreed with him.Joey let the movers do their work and didn't bother them. He, his sister and Caleb sat outside out of the way of the movers. Joey finally got up and started walking around the house to make sure that none of the windows are broken.Just as he returned back to the front of the house, he saw another man get out of the truck and walked towards the house. Joey walked over to the man to see if he what he needed."May I speak with Joey Alvarez, please?""I am Joey Alvarez, how may I help you today?""Yes Mr. Alvarez, I am here to install your alarm system. A Mrs. Helen Evans called our offices yesterday and set up this appointment for today. I can see that you are having furniture being delivered as well. I don't want to get in the way of them.""Sir, you can start with the back rooms and make your way up to the front. They have already finished moving in the furniture into those rooms. This is the only day I have off, and I would like to have it all done.""I have no problem with working around the movers. I will start putting in the censors and motion detectors in the back room and move my way up. We offer two keypads, and I was wondering where you wanted them installed.""Have one installed at the front door area in sexy teen porn pics the other installed in the master bedroom. That way, I have access to the keypad when ever needed."The alarm guy agreed and turkish teens porn went back to his truck to get his equipment. By five all the furniture got moved in, and the alarm system got installed. The only thing left is for Joey to go down to the local Wal-Mart and buy bedding, and the other frree teen porn necessary items.Caleb stuck around and helped Joey and his sister set up the house after they returned from Wal-Mart. By ten everything in the house is almost back to normal. Although everything got replaced, Joey felt still a little uncomfortable in the house.So Caleb called his mother and asked her if he could stay the night with Joey. His mother had no problem teen porn grils with him staying the night only if he sleeps in a different room. He promised his mother that he will and hung up the phone.They spent the rest of the evening cuddled up on the couch in front of the TV. This is the first time these guys have actually shown emotion between each other, except for holding hands and a quick kiss somewhere on their faces!They called It a night a little after midnight. They have to work the entire day tomorrow to make up for the hours that they took off today. Joey put Caleb in his old room to sleep, because he took over the master bedroom.The rest the week there was really nothing major going on. The boys worked every day and spent the evenings together. Although Helen did not give Caleb permission to stay at Joey's house again, they did spend quite a bit of their week together.Fran stayed either at the house or went down to Caleb's house. She did talk with Marie a couple of times and found out that Jacob is actually moving on. The boy that Joey saw Jacob with is actually the boy that Jacob is interested in.The two young ladies finally agreed that there is no chance of their brothers getting back together. Fran finally told Marie about Caleb and their trip down there. Both of them agreed not to tell their brothers about the others new interests. There is no chance either of them would ever find out about the other.By Friday everything in the house free allmost nude teens seemed to have settled down. Beth stayed away from the house and her kids as requested. Joey in return called the detective and asked them to drop the investigation.The detective made it very clear to Joey that it isn't a very good idea to drop the charges. He tried to explain to Joey that what he has found in the past with similar situations, that teen boob but Joey stood his ground on dropping the charges.That is why Joey couldn't believe when as he opened the door Friday evening, to find the detective standing at his front door. He invited detective in to see why he decided to pay a visit to him."I thought all of our businesses were done since Wednesday. So forgive me for wondering why you are here today. I teen porn magazines haven't changed my mind about asking you all to stop the investigation.""That is the main reason I am here is to let you know that were not going to stop investigating this. We have your german teen porn klipler mother and uncle dead to rights on the stolen property. When we chocolate teen porn paid a visit to them on Tuesday, we found everything that you reported stolen in their apartment in plain sight.""Yeah, I spoke with my mother and uncle earlier this week and made a deal with them. As long as they return, mine and my sister's personal items immediately. They can keep all the furniture that was in the house before we moved.""That is all fine and dandy, but they entered into your home without permission. They took items above a certain value out of this home when you were not here and without your petite nude teens permission. With that alone, we can move on with the investigation.Once we arrest them, the only thing we need from you is testimony to put them away. Can I at least count on you for that? Without your testimony they will get away with it and think they are above the law.""AS I have told you before, I don't want to pursue t this. If you continue your investigation and arrest my mother and uncle, you do it on your own. I will not testify for you to put my mother away.Don't get me wrong, there is something going on with her right now, but I am not going to put her away. teen foot sex She stood by me when I needed her the most. Hopefully she will eventually fix what ever is wrong in her mind and become the mother we know. Putting her behind bars isn't going to get her there.""Mr. Alvarez I cannot stress enough as I did in our phone call earlier this week. You cannot let people like this do things...""Sir I have made up my mind on this issue. I am sorry it doesn't go your way, but I cannot lock up my mother. I love her no matter what she does. I have done what I need to ensure she cannot get into this house again. I do thank you for all your time and hope that you move on to another case. This case is dead and you know that.""Thank you Mr. Alvarez for everything. If you change your mind or need me for anything, you have my number. Please call me if you have any other problems in the future. I will help you no matter what. One thing I am glad to see is that you didn't drop the charges or restraining order against your uncle."The detective shook Joey's hand and left. Joey returned to the couch after the detective left. Joey couldn't help but wonder if he did make the right choice with his mother. She seems to be lost youngest teen porn online right now. The remaining question that Joey has weighing on his mind right now is how far she is willing to go for Uncle Dominic.Joey got ready for work the next morning. He is still trying to get use to waking up early on Saturday's still. Over and over again, he kept thinking about how easy he had it back home with Jacob. He has never worked this hard in his life, but he knows that he needs the money. That is the only way he can pay the bills in the house.As he went through the mail before leaving to pick up Caleb that is when he realized another thing he never saw when he lived with Jacob. Jacob always took care of all that. Joey never had to pay out of his money for the cost of living. That included food and every bill in the house.He teen porn with couple now sees that his mother was wrong about Jacob and his grandfather cheating him. He is the one that was cheating the other in the relationship, not Jacob. Joey couldn't stop thinking about that as he wrote out the checks to pay the bills. The money he is making is barely paying the bills and putting food on the table for him and Fran.He got brought out of thought hearing the telephone ring. He went to answer it before it woke up his sister. It is Caleb on the other line checking in with Joey to see if he is still going to pick him up for work. Joey confirmed and hung up the phone.The day went fast for the boys and before they knew it was time to go home. As they closed up the video store, Caleb's didn't know that his friends are teen collage porn waiting for him outside. Once Caleb and Joey walked out to the truck, his friends snuck up behind him."Where have you been man? We haven't seen you at all during the Christmas break. You know that we had made plans to hang sandra teen nude out when ever we could. But here you are working all these hours and going straight home like an old lady. What is up with that? You've got teen dirtbag porn plenty of time to be a grown-up." Kurt wrapped his arm around teen hitch hiker porn Caleb's neck pulling him back as he talked."I know that I have not been a very good friend lately. I just figured to get as many hours in order to get as much money as possible. My parents gave me permission to go with the guys during spring break, but I have to come up with my own money.""Well you should've said that so we are not always waiting for you to show up. Why don't you let the new guy go home and you hang with us tonight?" Playfully small tit teen porn Ivan wrapped his arm around Caleb's neck as well.Caleb just looked at virgan teen porn Joey for some kind of signal or something. All that Joey can think of is getting home and putting his feet up for the evening. Caleb wiggled free from the clutches of Ivan and Kurt."Okay, okay, I will hang with you guys tonight. Just as long as we don't go all teen porn uniform crazy drinking again. I want to remember tomorrow morning what I did tonight."Caleb said goodbye to Joey and thanked him for the ride as he ran off with his friends. Joey got into the truck and free all teen porn couldn't stop thinking back to the time that he and Jacob hid who they are from their friends and classmates. That is exactly what Caleb is doing right now, and eventually he's going to have to tell them who he is.Joey started to pull out of the parking lot of Albertsons when a kid his age started to run right in front of the truck. Automatically Joey slammed on his brakes and blew his horn, but the kid continued walking.The other driver must have not been watching, because he didn't slam on his brakes in time. He actually hit the kid that Joey almost hit. Joey quickly got out of his truck and walked over to the teenage boys lying on the ground.As Joey tried to speak with him, the kid seemed to be ignoring him. He kept grabbing onto his leg and hitting the ground crying in pain. Joey looked down at the leg and saw that the bone actually broke the skin.Still, Joey tried to calm down the young kid. But again, Joey felt that he is ignoring him. Within minutes, it seemed like everyone in the Albertsons store found their way to them like bees to honey.Joey stayed with the kid even after the police and paramedics showed up. As the paramedics are working on the young boy, they couldn't get any of their questions answered. They finally gave up as they put him on the gurney.Once Joey felt that the young boy is somewhat okay he started to leave. Just as he started to walk away, the young kid grabbed a hold of his arm. Joey stopped and turned around to see a scared young man sitting there on the gurney being loaded up in the ambulance.The only way the young boy would let go of Joey is when he promised to follow him. Joey jumped in to his truck and followed the ambulances as he promised to do. He parked in the visitor's parking lot as he arrived at the hospital.As Joey walked into the emergency room, he couldn't understand why locker room teen porn he's doing it. He doesn't even know this young kid. The only thing he knows about him is that he wasn't paying attention as he walked.The first thing that Joey did what he walked in is check in with the nurse. He felt awkward because teen hot sex he doesn't know the teen titans porn games kid's name to give to the nurse. All that he can give is that he was picked up at the Albertsons parking lot with what seemed to be a barly legal teen porn broken leg. And that he is his same age.Just as Joey sat down, the nurse called him to follow her. Once they arrived he found the young kid crying even more than he was at Albertsons. Joey walked up to him and grabbed a hold of his hand. The young kid looked up at Joey terrified of what's going on."My name is Joey, what is teen dvd porn your name?"The young kid just looked at Joey is if he didn't understand the words. Joey repeated himself several times and each time he found himself slowing down as he talked. Finally by the third time, the young kid answered Joey."Alan Greer is my name!" Alan signed as he spoke.Joey realized that Alan is actually deaf. That is why he couldn't hear Joey blowing his horn or the other car coming at him. He needs to be able to see you in order to understand what you are saying."Alan do you need me to speak slowly in order to understand me?" Joey spoke as clearly and slowly as possible."Yes please, I read lips, because I cannot hear. Do you know, what is wrong with me?""By the looks of it you got a broken leg, but I am not for sure. The doctors have looked at it and will sexy teen ass be back soon. Is there anyone that I can call to come down here to be with you? You should have your family here with you right now."Alan looked down to his lap and started playing with the cover. Gently Joey placed his hand under Alan's chin and lifted it up. Joey kept his hand under his chin teen redhead porn to make sure he can read his lips as he talks to Alan."I need you to keep looking at me as we speak. That is the only way you will be able to understand what I am saying. I know that you are scared and you don't want to be here, but I need to know if there is someone to call to be with you.""Can't you stay with me instead of calling someone?"Joey let go of Alan's chin unable to understand why Alan doesn't want his family here. He sat down next to the bed to rest his tired feet. Joey couldn't help but look Alan up and down. That is when he figured out on what is going on with him.Alan's clothes looked like they have not been washed for weeks. At the same time it looks like Alan hasn't had a shower bisexual teen girl porn for at least a week. He looks tired, scared and worried all at the same time. Out of no where a heavyset nurse walked up to Joey and Alan."I need to know this young man's name, date of birth, where he lives and if he has any insurance for my paperwork. Also, there are several police officers waiting to free xxx teen porn speak with this young man about what had happened."Joey looked over to Alan and back at the nurse. He felt bad for Alan so he lied. He gave the nurse Alan's real name, but as far as the address is concerned. Joey gave his address as Alan's place of residence. The birth date Alan gave the nurse and both of them said they had no insurance.The nurse left in a couple minutes later, several uniformed officers walked up. Joey explained to the officers that Alan is deaf. That is why Alan did not here anything around him at Albertsons. The skinny white teen porn officers took Joey's statement and Alan's before leaving.They sat there in that emergency room until three in the morning. The doctors reset Alan's leg, casted it and then wrote him a prescription for pain medicine before releasing him to go home.Joey helped Alan out of the hospital and over to his truck. As they got to the truck Joey picked up Alan and settled him in the truck. On the way home, Alan went to sleep. Every so often, Joey would look over to Alan and try to figure out why he is living in the streets instead of out home with his family.Joey felt bad for Alan so he didn't wake him up. He unlocked the front door, turned off the alarm and went back to get Alan. Joey carried him to his old room and put him to bed. Before leaving him, he made sure that Alan is comfortable.The next morning, Joey got teen porn photos woken up by Fran pounding on his bedroom door. He walked over and opened the door to see what his sister wants. The minute Joey opened his door; she walked in screaming at the top of her lungs at him."Who is that weird kid in your old room? He woke me up looking for the restroom and then ran back to your room. Or should I say limped back to your old room with that broken leg of his.""Settle down, will you please Fran. First you got to be facing Alan in order for him to understand what you are saying because he young teen ass fuck is deaf. Second, he got hit by a car yesterday when I was leaving work. Don't worry; I'm not the one that hit him. And alexis williams teen porn finally, I don't think he has any where else to go."Fran sat down at the edge of Joey's bed. She didn't know that the kid could not hear. That explains a lot about him. When he does talk, he talks slow and uses his hands. She thought that he was drunk or maybe something worse.Joey left his room and walked over to the room where he lay down Alan earlier this morning. He knocked on the door and popped his teen females porn head in. He found Alan actually sitting up on the edge of the bed ready to leave. Joey walked over to him, and sat down next to him. Alan turned to Joey mom on teen porn in order to read his lips."I know that you had no idea where you were when you woke up this morning. For that I am very sorry. I also know that you probably don't have anywhere to go. It looks like you have been living on the streets for a while. May I ask why you are living on the streets?""Both of my parents got really sick several months ago and died. They didn't believe in doctors because they thought it was nothing but a money scam. I got placed in foster care, but they didn't care about me. Because of my inability to hear, they thought I was retarded and they treated me that way.So one day I got tired of being treated like a retard and I ran away. I have been living in the streets for almost three weeks now. I figured they would not even bother looking for me because they don't want me around.""I understand exactly where you're coming from. I lost my aunt and uncle last year to a drunk driver that hit them. Ever since then, I have been living on my own but with only one difference. I was lucky to have someone there to care for me.You are more than welcome to stay here as long as you want. If you do decide to stay here the only too young teen porn thing you got to do is go back to school. By the way you talk, you sound like you are very smart. If I would've met you face to face, I would have never known that you are deaf.""I don't want to go back to the same school where I was at. I don't learn anything there; all they want to do is teach us how to stay second-class citizens. I may not be able to hear, but I can function like everybody else.""Look, we have several more weeks of Christmas break. Let's not worry about that until we have to. For now, let's get you washed up and some clean clothes. After you take a shower and dress we will have breakfast on the table."Alan couldn't help but smile at Joey. They both got up and walked over to the bathroom. Joey gave him a new towel, soap and showed him which shampoo that he can use. He explained to Alan that if anyone touches his sister's shampoo, they will cute teen porn movies lose their arm. So they will share shampoo until they can get to the store later on today.Joey left Allen in the bathroom and headed over to the kitchen to start breakfast. Just as he started to set the table, the door bell rang. Fran got up from the couch and after the front door. It isn't a surprise to anyone to find it is Caleb ringing the doorbell.Caleb walked into the kitchen to find Joey cooking breakfast. He walked up to him and kissed him on the neck. Joey turned around and gave him a quick kiss on the lips as he flipped the bacon on the stove."I couldn't stop thinking about you all night. When I left I felt really bad about leaving you in the parking lot. They really wanted to go back. But the guys don't know about me and you. If they would know, they will stop being my friends.""Don't worry about that Caleb. I have been where you are now and it will take time to get you where I am at this point of time. I don't let everybody know who I am because it is none of their business. Even if I am asked about being gay, most of the time I don't answer the question.Simply put, I don't go around asking people if they are straight. So they should not ask me if I'm gay. You will get comfortable in your own skin. When that happens, you will be able to six teen nudes know who to tell and who not to tell."As Joey finished cooking, he told Caleb about the struggle he and Jacob had coming to terms of their sexuality. He explained that they both made it through it because they had each other to lean on, and he will be here for Caleb when ever he needs him.Joey didn't hear Alan walk into the kitchen, but Caleb did. hot teen fuck He turned around and couldn't believe his eyes. Standing at the doorway of the kitchen is a young kid their age with a towel wrapped around him."Hey Joey, who is this guy standing here at your doorway of the kitchen?" Caleb came across with anger in his voice.Joey turned around and almost started to laugh at Caleb. He explained to Caleb exactly what had erotic nude teen bbs happened last night after he left. After Joey finished, Caleb actually started to laugh at his own jealousness."You are telling me this kid cannot hear a word that we are saying. That is awesome to a point because we don't teen porn universe have to worry about saying things in front of him. He won't be able to hear what we say when we talk.""Come on Caleb; please call him by teen blonde pussy his name. He is already terrified about everything. We need to show him there is no reason to be scared. The little I know about Alan. He seems to be a very cool guy. So let's give them a break."Joey turned and pulled Alan to the master bedroom. Joey went to his dresser drawers and pulled out a shirt, running pants, brand-new socks and boxers for Alan to wear. Joey handed the clothes to Alan as they walked out of the room.Alan went into the room that he slept in and Joey went back to the kitchen. He found, Caleb and Fran setting the table for breakfast when he walked in. Caleb grabbed a hold of Joey's arm as he walked pass him."It seems that I've been apologizing all morning to you. I am sorry for jumping to conclusions when I saw Alan walk in. I need to learn to trust you. You are not going to hurt me and I need to get that through my head.""Don't worry about anything Caleb. If anything I have learned with teen australian porn Jacob is to be patient. I did some rotten things in my past and Jacob stood by me. I learned and I will not do it again. You and I are together, and I will not even look at another person."Joey leaned in and kissed Caleb for the first time in front of Fran. She didn't say anything to Joey or Caleb after they broke the kiss. Joey went to the stove, got the food and placed it on the table. Once Alan walked in, all four of them sat down and ate.After breakfast, they cleaned up before heading to the living room. As they sat down Caleb remembered what his mother asked him to do. He looked over to Joey, cleared his throat and 16yo teen porn star started talking."I forgot to ask when I got here, but my mom was wondering what you guys are doing tomorrow. You know it is Christmas, and you guys don't have a tree or anything. She wants to invite you guys over for the entire day.""Of course, we would love to go and spend Christmas with you guys. I had planned to pick up Christmas dinner later today. But since your mother invited us to go to your house, there is teen porn free samples no need anymore."They sat there watching a movie before heading out to Wal-Mart. As they headed to Wal-Mart, Joey explained to Alan to get whatever he needs, and not worry about the money. Alan felt uncomfortable, but agreed with Joey.The rest the day went pretty fast and before they knew it, Caleb had to go home. As Joey got up to take Caleb home, he made it clear that he doesn't want Caleb walking home in the dark. There are too many crazy people out there and that includes his own mother.After taking Caleb home. Joey checked in on Alan before heading to bed. He found Alan still wide awake, sitting on the edge of the bed. Joey found that weird so he walked in to make sure everything is okay with Alan."Hey Alan, are you okay? You seem to be either thinking a lot or depressed.""Don't worry about me Joey. I need to get use to being around people that care again. You have been so nice with me and you don't even know me. I could be a killer or a thief. That would rob or kill you in your sleep.""I pride myself on judging teen porn post people and you are no thief or killer. You're just lost and scared right now. Give it time, and you will see this isn't a bad house to live in. Basically you can come and go as you wish in this house."Alan looked down at his hands as he started talking. "Can I ask you a question and you don't have to answer it if you don't want to." Joey shook his head up and down. "Um, this is probably none of my business, and I shouldn't be asking, but I saw something this morning that got me thinking. Are you and your friend, more than friends?""Let me ask you this question before answering yours. Would you be uncomfortable or dislike being around people that are gay?""I don't care at all about stuff like that. The way I see it is if you are happy, who cares what others think. I have met and had friends that are gay. They have been the best friends that I have ever had.""Well, I can answer for myself on that question. I am gay, but I am not open. None of my friends at school or work know about me. My family does, but really, no one else does. I would like to keep teen illusion porn it that way.""Don't worry about me Joey I will not tell anybody. You have been so nice with me and I will not pay you back by stabbing you in the back."The boys sat there talking about how different their lives have been. Both of them had to face different trials in their life, but they have come out on the other end stronger than what they were. They continued talking until Joey finally called it a night. He felt when he left Alan that Alan felt more comfortable being here at the house.Joey woke up before his sister and Alan got up. He got dressed and walked over to his sister's room to see if she is awake. Quietly he opened the door, looked in, and found his sister still sound asleep. Joey walked over to his sister's bed to shake her awake. She got up a little grumpy wanting to go back to sleep.Joey did not let his sister go back to sleep, instead he pulled her out of bed. She followed him to his gothic teen girl porn room and saw the Christmas gifts on the bed. Her eyes porn teen pussy asian popped open as she started jumping up and down in joy."I didn't think I would've gotten any Christmas gifts this year Joey. Thank you, thank you o-my god Thank you very much Joey." Fran went running over to Joey's bed after hugging him and started opening the gifts.Some how, Joey got everything that Fran wanted for Christmas. Before gathering all her gifts up, she ran up to Joey and hugged him again. She couldn't figure out how Joey knew what she wanted.She went back to the bed and got her presents before heading back to her room. After Joey's sister left his room, he went back into his closet and grabbed out two additional gifts that he bought yesterday.He walked over to Alan's room to find him wide-awake sitting up at the edge of the bed again. Joey didn't bother to knock because Alan would not hear him. He just walked in and headed over to face Alan.Alan looked up at Joey as he walked into his line of sight. Joey kneeled in front of Alan, so where teen ******** eating pussy he can read his lips as he talks to him."I know this is somewhere you don't want to be on this day, but I am glad you are here. As we shopped yesterday I saw you look at a couple things that you did not put in the basket. So I decided to buy them and give them to you as a Christmas gift."Joey pulled the gifts from behind him and handed them to Alan. As Alan took the gifts he couldn't help but smile. He looked up at Joey and saw that he is wishing him a Merry Christmas and many more."Thank you Joey and Merry Christmas to you as well!"He unwrapped the first gift to find that it's a sports watch that he was looking at and the second gift is a gold chain, but this gold chain is a little bit different. It has a notification to others with Alan's full name, Joey's address and phone number, and that he is deaf.Joey waited for Alan to look up at him that way Alan can read Joey's lips as he talks. "I asian free teen porn don't want what happened to you the other night to happen again. This is a chain that no one would know what is written on it unless you show them it. I want you to stay here, and that is why I put my address and phone number on the chain.""Thank you Joey again! I do plan on staying here until you ask me to leave." Alan finally answered Joey after thinking of his response."I do not plan to ever ask you to leave this house." Joey got up from the floor and sat on the bed next to Alan. "I don't know if you always have woken up and just sat at the edge of a bed like you been doing the last couple days, but I need you to know. You can do whatever you want in this house no matter if anyone is awake or here."Joey got up and headed out of Alan's room. He quickly took a shower and got ready to head over to Caleb's house. Before they left to Caleb's house, all three of them ate a quick bowl of cereal. That way they are not asking for something to eat the minute they arrive.Making sure that all the windows and doors were locked, Joey set the alarm. A few minutes later they pulled up to Caleb's house and teen porn cheerleader immediately got greeted. It looks like Joey, Fran and Alan are not the only ones that are invited.After all the introductions, pakistan teen porn Joey, Fran and Alan followed Caleb to the back yard, where Caleb's younger nephews and nieces are. Out of respect to Alan, none of those who knew that he is deaf told anyone. They decided to let Alan choose when and who to tell.Most of the day they spent outside playing several different games from football to soccer and everything in between! They couldn't wait to be called for dinner, because everyone played so hard they got hungry.Although Joey, Fran and Alan didn't really know anyone in the house except Caleb, they answered anything that is directed at them. They basically got asked the same question over and over again, which is about where are their parents. Every time they got asked they politely changed the subject.When dinner finally ended Joey couldn't be happier. Alan, Fran and him politely excuse themselves and headed over to the living room. The rest the evening they sat there talking and trying to watch a movie on the television.The rest of the evening flew by. It felt to Joey as if he blinked and now it is already eight. As he got up, he pulled Caleb up with him. They walked out to the truck where Joey put Caleb's gift. He opened the door and reached in to get the gift."You have made my move here a lot better than it could have been. I really hope that we are together for the long haul, but for now. I want you to know that I am falling for free thumbnail teen porn you really bad. Merry Christmas and many, many more together!"Joey handed Caleb teen ass his gift as he hugged him tight. After letting go of each other, Caleb opened the gift that Joey gave him. He just stood there looking at it. Not knowing what to really say."It doesn't mean that you belong to me. Caleb I saw you looking at similar ones in a magazine several times. I lucked out and found one almost exactly as the one you showed me that you really like."Caleb pulled out the gold necklace from the case and looked at Joey. "Could you please help me put it on?" Joey walked behind Caleb and grabbed a hold of the chain. "Thank you very much Joey and I will always cherish this gift."Just as Joey finished snapping the locks together, Caleb turned around and kissed Joey on the lips. They stood out in the freezing cold for another twenty or so minutes holding onto each other as if there is no tomorrow. Finally, Caleb broke the silence and started to speak as he free teen porn vidieos held on tight to Joey."I need you to know that I never thought for one minute when I opened this gift. That I thought you were trying to let others know I am yours. To those that know that I am gay I have told them that we are together. So never think that I don't want people to know about us. I promise to eventually tell others about me and then about us."The boys hugged and went back into the house. As Joey walked in, he started his way to the living room, but asin teen porn Caleb stopped him. Instead, the two boys walked to Caleb's room, where he pulled out a gift that he had bought for Joey.He handed to gift to Joey as they sat down on the bed. Joey opened the gift and pulled out the leather jacket. He got up in order to try it on and it fit him perfectly. Joey took it off as he sat back down. He didn't want to rip it or damage it in anyway.They started to talk and cuddle beautiful free teen porn with each other. They haven't been able to kiss, hold hands or show any kind of emotions all day. The reason for that is someone in Caleb's family seemed to be watching them every moment of the day.They didn't leave the room until they heard Caleb's mother calling for them. They quickly got off the bed and walked out of the room. They ran right into Helen as they stepped into the hallway."Everyone is starting to leave and you should say your goodbyes Caleb." She turned and looked at Joey. "You, Fran and Alan are welcome to stay the night. I know Caleb enjoys it when you are here.""Thank you ma'am, but we should be going as well. Both Caleb and I are working tomorrow and I need to get home to wash my uniform. Maybe the next time we are off, I can stay the night. Only if that is okay with you on putting me, Fran and Alan up.""Of course it is ok with me. Remind me tomorrow at the store to get you a couple more pair of uniforms. That way you don't have to be washing the same uniform over and over again. I remember how it felt doing that when I was an employee."Joey agreed and walked over to get his sister and Alan to leave. They said their goodbyes and left. All the way home, no one said a word. They are pretty tired, and the only thing they are looking forward on doing once they get home is going to bed.As Joey got to his room and laid down, he hottest teen porn looked over at the clock. It barley turned eleven. He started to think on how he use to look forward to Christmas break, but now he is looking forward to getting back to school. He is simply bored to death right now.At Jacob's, there wasn't enough time in the day for everything they were doing. Last Christmas they didn't get to bed once before midnight. Also last Christmas his aunt and uncle were alive and the house was full of love, not hate.The next day, Joey didn't get to work in the video tight teen asses store. Several of the stocker's called in and Helen asked him to help stock the selves. By noon, the trainer left Joey by himself because he picked it up quickly. Plus he needs to help stock as well.Also because of so many employees calling in, Joey and Caleb got asked to work a double shift. After Caleb closed the video store, he started working front register with free nude teen boys Joey. They talked with each other between customers as the cleaned up their area.After the last customer left, Joey and Caleb help clean the store for the next day. They didn't finish until eleven and they have to be back in at eight in the morning. They clocked out and headed out.They noticed a car blocking in Joey's truck as they walked towards. The dorm light turned on, and then the doors opened. Joey's mom and uncle got out of the vehicle. They just stood right behind Joey's truck, not budging at all."I have never thought a fag like you Joey, had this good of a work ethic." Joey's uncle said as he walked up to Caleb. "If anal teen porn you know what is best for you, you better just continue walking your ass home."Joey walked in between Caleb and his uncle. "Look, if you don't want any problems, you better get back into your car with my mother and leave. You have no business here and you are not allowed on the property.""You better learn to talk to me with respect. One thing your mother never told your father is that you are not his son. In fact you are my son. Your mother and I have were going out before my brother married her. We never really broke up and continued latin teen pussy until she got pregnant with your stupid ass.""There is no way you are my father. Although I didn't like my father at the end, he wasn't a stupid man. There is no way you guys could 3d teen porn have kept him in the dark all my life. So you better stop lying to me and get the hell out of here.""Joey your uncle is not lying to you. He is your father, and Fran's father knew. When you got beaten up at school he found out. They needed blood and your father wanted to give, young teen nude thumbs but he didn't match you. He got really mad and asked for a DNA test. The teen anal fingering result of the DNA test told him that he wasn't the father, but someone in his blood line is.Just think back Joey and you can put all this together. You father changed after the incident at your school that summer. Not because of you being gay, but because he found out that you are not his son.I loved Fran's father, but my truelove is Dominic, your father. That is why I am doing everything that I am doing. I want you to have your father in your life. Maybe he can help you see the errors of your way."Joey walked over and unlocked his truck doors. As he and Caleb got in, he looked over at his mother with tears rolling down his face."I don't care about this man, he isn't my father. He gave the sperm, but he wasn't there when I grew up. nude teen thumbs No matter what happened at the end, Fran's father is my father and always will be. Nothing you can say or do will change that.Now I cannot be mad at him for what he did to me mom. He didn't hate fresh faced teen slut me because who I am. He hated me because of the lie you told him for almost fourteen years. I would be as mad as he was if that happened to me.As far as helping me with my errors, screw that mom. You have burnt every bridge with me and there is no way I am going to let you back in my life again. I don't understand people like you, this man that claims to be my father. You cannot change who I am mom. I AM GAY DAM IT!"Joey got into his truck, slammed his door and started it up. He started to back up and tapped Dominic's car. He rolled down his window to warn them to move their crap or he is going to move it for them with his truck. They got into their car and drove away. Letting Joey and Caleb get out there and go home.Joey tried to hold back the tears, but couldn't. All the way to Caleb's house he quietly cried. Caleb could see the tears rolling down Joey's cheek. At the same time Joey wiping his nose every so extreme teen video xxx often. The only thing Caleb could think of doing is grabbing Joey's hand and hold it tight.Joey dropped off Caleb and headed home even after Caleb begged him to stay. Joey didn't want to be around any body right now. His life continues to get worse and worse every day. Nothing has gone right since his uncle stepped into his life and talked him into leaving his safe life with Jacob behind.Joey couldn't go home so he just drove around town. He finally pulled over into a rest stop outside of town. He turned off his truck and just sat there looking straight ahead. He got out off the truck and fell to his knees."Dear God,I know I don't pray to you as I should. I know I don't go to church like I should. I know everything that was great in my life I threw it away. I know I am here today because of my selfish thoughts and wants.I need your help dear Lord, I need your help. Please help me find my way through all this. I know you don't test us, and I know you don't put us on this earth already as a sinful person. I need your help to get out of the mess I created myself.I will do anything you want me to do o-Lord. Just show me the way out of this mess I call my life. I have tried to help those that need help when ever I can. I will do what ever you ask, just let me see the way through all this. Amen!"Joey got off of his knees and fell against his truck. He sat there thinking on how his life has turned out. He has made a mess out of it and it continues to get worse. Joey finally got up and got back into his truck.As he looked down to the middle console, he noticed an edge of a picture sticking out. He pulled it out to see it is a picture of him and Jacob when they first got together. He realized then that he needs to call Jacob and make peace with him. He knows Jacob isn't going to take him back, but he needs to make peace with him.TO BE CONTINUED...WRITER'S CORNER:{Okay, this chapters ending came out of nowhere. I know teen big tits none of you guys suspected this to happen. Let me say this at the beginning. The first time that Joey called me. He told me that the reason he did so is because ebony teen porn movies of the picture that he pulled out of the middle console of his truck. Of course the events that I wrote in this chapter surrounding him pulling the picture out aren't true. index teen porn But, him calling me because of him finding the picture is true like I said.Let's swing back to the beginning of the chapter and start there. Joey finally told Helen how much he is worth at this present time. He also put himself on a budget and he needed to do that. He doesn't want to lower his savings past the ten million mark.It is good that Helen told Joey not tell Caleb about the money he has. So far what we know about Caleb, he won't use Joey for his money. I also believe with what we have seen with Joey lately he wouldn't allow it to happen. He is starting to fall for Caleb, but he wants it to be the real thing.Caleb is realizing little by little that he needs to get comfortable in his own skin. Now Joey isn't asking him to tell his friends about Joey and him being gay. Still, Caleb is seeing if he doesn't stop dodging Joey when his friends are around, he will loose him.I really do think that Joey has learned from his past mistakes. He did a lot of things when he was together with Jacob. Now the rolls are reversed and he needs to play the part of Jacob. Everyone is depending on him to be the grown up now. He can always look back at the time he had with Jacob and take some pointers there.We have a new character in the story. I had a reader write me and ask why I don't put in fat people or handicap people in my stories. There are fat gay guys and hot asians teen porn girls out there and I agree with that reader. I introduced Alan in this chapter and in the chapters to come there will be heavier set gay guys and girls in the story.Alan though is a breath of fresh air. As the story unfolds he is going to play a major roll like Chase does in Jacob. He is going to become Joey's new best friend and be there when ever Joey needs a person to talk with.Now I got the idea of making Joey's uncle his father from another reader. Once again this part of the story isn't true. I got the idea from a reader just this week. I like the twist it threw in the story and now it opens up a lot more areas. such as the manga porn teen titans issue now of unfit parents! Joey's real dad wasn't taken to court and found unfit. What will that do to Joey in all parts of his life?I still haven't decided which story to put the phone call in. either in the next chapter of this story or Jacob the phone call will happen. I well remember the very first call I site cuntglorycom teen porn got from Joey after he left me. Now mesa arizona teen porn keep in mind in the story I am rushing things along. In real life I didn't hear from Joey for almost five months. In the story I have it a month later.We are now getting the plot to open in this story and it will get you guys to return every week. So much going on right now and the story is barely beginning. I know the story doesn't have any sex in it yet, but it will get some soon. I hope other than that, you guys are liking where the story is going.I do not want to say too much more and spoil the future chapters to come, so I won't. I warn you though! Do not skip a chapter, or you will be lost. There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertexaol.com, Thanks!}EDITOR'S CORNER: Having been an avid reader of all three of the other stories by Jacob, I am not at all surprised at the twists and turns of this story. In just 4 chapters a number of new elements have been included and this helps us readers stay alert and interested. Even that short-sleeve blouse of Beth's still held another major surprise. She just doesn't quit!Ronthemustardjar.com has written a story about a high schooler who was blinded and Etienne on tickiestories.us also has a sex teen free porn good story about a blind piano tuner. Also on tickie, DeepDiver has several stories which include disabilities. But this story by Jacob is the first story that I have read that now includes a young man who is deaf. As an educator now in my 52nd year, I find these stories to be of real help to me in gaining more insight into such disabilities. Thank you Jacob for giving us all this opportunity.I was impressed with Joey's business sense as they shopped to replace a house of furniture that Beth 'stole'. Jacob's characters are real people with all the problems and potentials we all face. That is one big reason why I enjoy reading them!Questions continue to be raised in my mind. Will the call by Joey to Jacob ever take place? Who will initiate it? How will it be received by each party? Will these two former lovers ever 'reconnect' and if so, under what circumstances? Will the DNA evidence of Uncle's fatherhood of Joey create any legal problems with Joey's emancipation status? Can he continue to protect his own fortune? What will be Alan's role in Joey's ever-changing family situation?How to answer such questions seems simple! Just keep reading this story! Also, please keep on sending your ideas and reactions to Jacob via email. He does 'listen' to them and finds ways to use some of the ideas sent to him. He used one of mine long before I became the editor for this story. Best wishes!Kent D. (sw Ohio area)
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